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Reserva Conchal Real Estate

Reserva Conchal Real Estate – Costa Rica may be a resort and real estate hotspot, but it’s rare for developers here to value their natural surroundings and community as much as their business goals. Reserva Conchal is an exception, leading the way as a truly conscious community. Aside from being a unique travel destination or luxury home locale, the development likes to think of itself as a sustainability laboratory. With all the time and effort spent developing eco-friendly practices here, the company’s goal is to refine these sustainable practices and share them with other businesses. Reserva Conchal’s vision extends far beyond its borders, focusing on building a happy, healthy community as much as solid investment opportunities.

Extending inland from the white sand beach of Playa Conchal, 930 hectares of Costa Rican nature make up Reserva Conchal. As its name suggests, the vast majority of this area is dedicated to a nature reserve, but it is integrated with nine residential communities, two hotels, and a golf course.

For those who would like to experience Reserva Conchal while on vacation, the W and Westin Hotels will not fail to impress. The Westin opened in 2011 and is well known for offering a luxurious, all-inclusive tropical experience. The brand-new W Hotel includes all the amenities you would expect from the trendy chain. This level of comfort and service is impressive anywhere in the world. Still, when it’s offered in a remote nature reserve on a Costa Rican beach, the experience becomes even more special.

It’s not uncommon for guests to become so enamored with Reserva Conchal’s natural luxury that they plant more permanent roots in the community. Each residential community in the Resort has unique characteristics, amenities, and property manager. Some comprise condominium complexes and other groups of villas, while many are collections of lots and existing homes. As impressive as these homes are, it’s the community as a whole that convinces people to invest in Reserva Conchal.

Reserva Conchal has ensured its residents and guests have every opportunity to stay active and social within the property. The company hosts a variety of community activities, fitness classes and fun events, in addition to operating 12 restaurants, bars, and a beach club within the Resort.

Beyond this sense of caring for residents and guests, the well-being of the surrounding community of locals is always a priority. In 2014, Reserva Conchal, in alliance with Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA) introduced a dual education program, offering free education and on-the-job training to residents. More than 200 participants have graduated, with at least half being hired afterward. Reserva Conchal currently employs 170 people, over 700 more work at the Westin and 200 so far at the W Hotel. Jobs at Reserva Conchal come with plenty of benefits, from employee housing to golf lessons.

Extending even further into the surrounding community, Reserva Conchal employees regularly participate in volunteer opportunities. Each year they dedicate around 11,000 hours to various projects like helping at the local food bank, improving local school infrastructures, cleaning up beaches, and guarding turtle nests. These efforts not only help the community directly but reinforce the importance of locals caring for each other and the natural environment.

Pride from living or working in such an incredibly sustainable project brings the community together even deeper. At Reserva Conchal, nature and the local wildlife are part of the community as well. Over 330 hectares of designated green space, guaranteeing local plants and trees remain in reserve forever. The onsite 39 hectares National Wildlife Refuge allows the community to experience the wonders of nature and the local flora and fauna up close. On the trails throughout the Resort, guests and residents can see exotic birds, monkeys, ring-tailed coatis, and iconic Guanacaste trees. You can see humpback whales breaching and all kinds of reef fish from the beach if you decide to go for a snorkel.

Reserva Conchal has implemented many new technology and practices to care for its natural surroundings. Solar power provides seven percent of the Resort’s total electricity bills. It is the first in the area to have an onsite desalination plant that turns seawater into fresh water. Hardly any waste is not reused between the recycling and composting stations. All plastics, metals, and hazardous chemicals are processed here, and organic waste from restaurants and landscaping is composted and turned into rich, fertile soil for use on the property. Even the golf course is the first in Costa Rica to be recognized by Audubon International for its environmental efforts.

You, too, can be part of the community by buying one of the turnkey homes/condos, or several empty lots are still available to build your dream house.



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